Billy Mills – The City Itself


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Lines of text sometimes fall in thin columns, they are sometimes interrupted and become a dribble or are renewed with greater force, they sometimes divide or even disperse into mist, they sometimes become a downpour or freeze on windscreens. The flow or pace is controlled by single or double spaces between groups of lines, accentuated occasionally by single or multiple asterisks; and within lines by more devices, such as lines positioned above or below spaces, colons, brackets, a single word in quotes, a question mark (and not a single comma or full stop anywhere). The pace is equally controlled by meaning and grammar: how a line does or does not connect with a previous line. Puns sometimes set up collateral conjunctions and reverberations: just as frequently they wait to be discovered. ”
Jim Mays on Billy Mills p.51/52, Irish University Review (2016) Edinburgh University Press


Billy Mills was born Dublin 1954. He has lived and worked in Spain and the UK, and now lives in Limerick. Billy is the founder and co-editor (with Catherine Walsh) of hardPressed poetry and the Journal. His books include Lares/Manes: Collected Poems (Shearsman, 2009), Imaginary Gardens (hardPressed poetry 2012), Loop Walks (with David Bremner, hardPressed poetry 2013), from Pensato (Smithereens Press e-book, 2013). Since 2007, he has been a regular contributor to The Guardian Books site, including the Poster Poems series. 
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