DIISONANCE book launch

We had a great night at the DIISONANCE book launch w/ special guest Gary Budden, Sarer Scotthorne, Roy McFarlane & Tony White at The Gallery Cafe, Old Ford Road, Bethnal Green, London.


diisonance launch

We had a really enjoyable and successful launch of diisonance last Friday at The Gallery Cafe, Bethnal Green. There were some powerful and provocative readings, copies of the book were sold and there was a good audience, including some very old friends.

Many thanks to all who came along and supported the diisonance book and project.

Here are some photos from the evening, we filmed all the reading and will put them online as soon as they are ready.

There are many more photos on @haulpawkins & @H_G_Press twitter accounts.

#diisonance collaboration with CapLet


There’s a facebook event page here, more on diisonance here and on the venue here.

diisonance :: Steve Ryan/paul hawkins


paul hawkins and artist Steve Ryan have been working on a collaborative prote(s)xt art project called dissonance, in part a response to paul’s book Place Waste Dissent published by Influx Press in 2015.


Driven forward by scary monsters, haunted by the notion of chaos, London artist Steve Ryan’s work tries to pin down the slippery essence of ’the stuff’. Peripatetic by design, he’s recently experienced the joy of being tethered which has grounded him long enough to start production of a project over 30 years in the making, and with a bit of luck it will be finished in a little less time, but probably not. Some of steve’s photography featured in Place Waste Dissent

June 21 – 24 diisonance exhibition at Bank Street Arts, Sheffield

Diisonance is a collaboration. Part of a jigsaw, the genesis of which is shared experiences; Steve and paul met in the early nineties squatting in Claremont Road, east London at the height of anti-road protests, poll-tax riots and other dissent. They’ve tried to piece together the past from the future, making sense of the ghosts that stay with them and the trust they offer one another helps clarify the feelings of confusion and love for their entwined topics; faltering, broken and rebuilt many times over. paul has written extensively on his experiences of squatting/protesting against the building of the M11 Link Road through east London, most recently in Place Waste Dissent (Influx Press 2015), which ‘plots the run-off, rackets and 90’s resistance to the proposed M11 Link Road; text experiments and collage from Claremont Road to Cameron. Memory traces re-surface the A12’ which features Steve’s photography. In Diisonance Steve’s starting point is a 21st century response to the collage/text of Place Waste Dissent and/or/with further memory travels. paul tries to look to the future in responding to Steve’s response to paul’s response(s), peacing the past from the future.

Friday June 23 – workshop & performances


All new work generated around diisonance events will be published in a book by Hesterglock Press.

September 1 – 30 diisonance exhibition/events at  St. Margarets House, 21 Old Ford Road, Bethnal Green, London E2 9PL​  more details tba

#Scaledown 118

Sarer was invited by Jude Cowan-Montague earlier this year to perform at a Scaledown event, and did so last night, April 29th at #Scaledown 118.


Mark Braby, Shaun Hendry and Jude Cowan Montague run Scaledown, part of The Orchestra Pit, and have been running experimental events at The King and Queen, 1 Foley Street, London since 2003. The Orchestra Pit is an organisation dedicated to the promotion of adventurous and experimental new music. Initially this was achieved through the staging of Live Musical Concerts but has since expanded into Live Radio Broadcasts and a record label. Here are some images taken by poet Mark Gilfillan of Paul reading poems from Semblance and Sarer performing with sword:




Paul took these next two.



Bosc:Rev 4 to be launched at the InZine Fest – 26th September

Bosc:Rev 4 will be launched at InZine Fest IV @ The Pod in Coventry on 26/9. There will be readings from poets. Amongst many other  Hesterglock Press will have a well stocked table at the event.
InZine Fest IV

@ The Pod
1A Lamb Street, Coventry, CV1 4AE

A cornucopia of local and international zines, indie books/presses, including poetry, fiction, music, culture, food and art!


There’s a facebook event page here


Zine-ster – get in touch if you would like FREE table space – full/half available

Citizens/Visitors – the event is free – all welcome – have a gander at the following:

-indie presses
-graphic novellists

…and beyond.

The Pod
1A Lamb Street

Contact: adam.steiner@silhouettepress.co.uk

Margaret Thatcher’s Museum launch


IMG_6536photo by Paul Hawkins

The launch of Antony Owen’s Margaret Thatcher’s Museum was held at Coventry’s Inspire Cafe Bar, 11889651_10206411089049876_6030941794628487234_n run by Mick and Martin Leap; a beautifully intimate and atmospheric venue situated at the base of the spire of Christchurch church, which was destroyed during World War II. There was a great crowd to hear Paul and Sarer read. (Neil Sparkes having been summoned to produce a new album by Rizwan-Muazzam Qawwali in Los Angeles, literally days before the launch)


11209416_10206402636558569_587686932726572885_n11890622_10206407276394562_784054792534215451_o 11887841_10153213280539092_3945533605401077438_nphotos by Rang-Zeb Rango Hussain.

Then Antony read from Margaret Thatcher’s Museum with great passion and focus, taking the time to put just enough context to the poems, allowing them to ring. It was a brilliant evening, with a wonderfully engaging audience. We hope to do more gigs at the Inspire Bar Cafe in the near future.