The Undeliverable by I.S. Rowley (A5 fully bound, 65 pages) price £9.00 + postage worldwide is out now BUY

Iain Rowley is the most difficult kind of poet to describe critically: a complete original. Readers of some of his kindred spirits — Mina Loy, David Jones, Lisa Robertson, John Wilkinson — will recognise in this writing the quality of a first-hand vision of everything, told in verse that moves only to extend intellectual and sensuous apprehension. In The Undeliverable, his first collection, he immerses the reader in a series of lyric and dramatic meditations on the ethical resistance that the figure of the midwife, empathetically present to the woman in labour, poses to the violently masculinist history of modernity and its fantasised acceleration towards an automated future without birth. Why is the ‘extractive economy’ his poetic subject? ‘is it so very critical / to sensible midwifery / to be traversed by / such vulnerability’ — is one answer. You will want to turn to a dictionary, a library, the internet and the world now to deepen your understanding, but only after having dwelt on the unforgettable verbal detail that gives these poems their tender, angry, palpable reality: from the sexual-imperial horror of ‘scabbards abraded shaft after shaft / by unslakable martial spirit’ to the wordless and fully human moment: ‘newborn crowning / from plenteous blackness / mother undiminished’. Jeremy Noel-Tod

I.S. Rowley crawled out of a North Notts spoil tip at the nadir of Thatcher’s reign, and is still finding their feet.



The Intaglio Poems by Iain Britton (A5 fully bound, 76 pages, cover design by Kirsty Britton) price £9.00 + postage worldwide BUY.

“Iain Britton’s poetical writing entangles the personal human condition with natural process and cultural artifice. Human problems, frequently a question of reconciling self and other, are read in terms of place, landscape, image, the clutter and scenery of civilisation including gods and arts, to form a kind of totalising theatre of perception which can be close to emblematic. Actual and figurative remain perfectly distinguishable, but interact with each other in every detail, in an open theatre where acts are free to display their full nature and origins, the vast width of the inner life.” Peter Riley

Iain Britton is a poet from Aotearoa New Zealand. He was born and educated in Palmerston North. Since 2008, he has had five collections of poems, including pamphlets, published, mainly in the UK: Hauled Head First into a Leviathan, (Cinnamon Press) was nominated for Best First Collection category in the Forward Poetry Prizes, 2008. Further collections followed: Liquefaction, (Interactive Press, 2009), Cravings, (Oystercatcher Press, 2009), druidic approaches, (Lapwing Publications, 2011) Punctured Experimental, (Kilmog Press, 2010) and Photosynthesis, (Kilmog Press, 2014) Also, his work was included in the Shearcatcher Poetry Anthology published by Shearsman Books, 2012.

New books by Francis Annagu and Billy Mills out today

We’re excited and proud to announce that we’re publishing two new poetry collections today.

OUR LAND IN THE BEAK OF VULTURES by Francis Annagu. For more info and to buy click here.

Also published today is The City Itself by Billy Mills. More info and to buy click here.

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New poetry . . .

Out now . . .

گل سرخDaDas Batshit Kapistillஇ௫உ – Rose Knapp more info
That Bird Loved – Kathrine Sowerby more info
Shopping For Punks – Mark Russell more info


The City Itself – Billy Mills more info
OUR LAND IN THE BEAK OF VULTURES – Francis Annagu more info


Cairn Almanac – Dan Eltringham more info

New poetry books published today

We’re very proud to announce that today we publish three new poetry books;

گل سرخDaDas Batshit Kapistillஇ௫உ – Rose Knapp £8 + postage more info
That Bird Loved – Kathrine Sowerby £9 + postage more info
Shopping For Punks – Mark Russell £9 + postage more info

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Reuben Woolley reading poems from skins

Reuben reading poems from his new collection, skins.

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New poetry book, skins by Reuben Woolley, out soon . . .

We’ll shortly be publishing skins, a perfect-bound collection of compelling and emotive poems on the theme of refugee crisis by Reuben Woolley. Front cover artwork by artist, photographer and poet Sonja Benskin Mesher. All profits will be donated to the Refugee Centre in Calais.

More details to follow.