The Undeliverable by I.S. Rowley (A5 fully bound, 65 pages) price £9.00 + postage worldwide is out now BUY

Iain Rowley is the most difficult kind of poet to describe critically: a complete original. Readers of some of his kindred spirits — Mina Loy, David Jones, Lisa Robertson, John Wilkinson — will recognise in this writing the quality of a first-hand vision of everything, told in verse that moves only to extend intellectual and sensuous apprehension. In The Undeliverable, his first collection, he immerses the reader in a series of lyric and dramatic meditations on the ethical resistance that the figure of the midwife, empathetically present to the woman in labour, poses to the violently masculinist history of modernity and its fantasised acceleration towards an automated future without birth. Why is the ‘extractive economy’ his poetic subject? ‘is it so very critical / to sensible midwifery / to be traversed by / such vulnerability’ — is one answer. You will want to turn to a dictionary, a library, the internet and the world now to deepen your understanding, but only after having dwelt on the unforgettable verbal detail that gives these poems their tender, angry, palpable reality: from the sexual-imperial horror of ‘scabbards abraded shaft after shaft / by unslakable martial spirit’ to the wordless and fully human moment: ‘newborn crowning / from plenteous blackness / mother undiminished’. Jeremy Noel-Tod

I.S. Rowley crawled out of a North Notts spoil tip at the nadir of Thatcher’s reign, and is still finding their feet.


#ANATHEMA 4 May 19

Open Call slots are now all taken.

Open Call to experimental / innovative poets, writers, interdisciplinary / collaborative artists for a limited number of 5 min. slots for May 19th

Anathema particularly welcome

* work from artists/writers/poets of colour

* work from a women’s / feminist perspective

* work from poets/writers/artists of all genders, sexual orientations and dis/abilities

email anathema poetry at gmail dot com for more details

N.B. No neoliberal capitalism. No homophobia, transphobia, racism or misogyny


New poetry books published today

We’re very proud to announce that today we publish three new poetry books;

گل سرخDaDas Batshit Kapistillஇ௫உ – Rose Knapp £8 + postage more info
That Bird Loved – Kathrine Sowerby £9 + postage more info
Shopping For Punks – Mark Russell £9 + postage more info

REVIEWERS – please contact us for digital review copies

we’re open for experimental poetry collection submissions


we’re open for submissions of formally interesting and adventurous, experimental poetry collections for publication in 2017

we’re not interested in modern lyric poetry, emotive confessionalism, or vague discussions of love, life, & poetic craft

we’re particularly keen to receive submissions of the following:

* work from a women’s / feminist perspective

* work from People of Colour

* work from poets and writers of all genders, sexual orientations and dis/abilities

we’re open until December 31st 2016 

in this instance email a word.doc to paul hawkins: hesterglock at gmail dot com with HP Sub as the subject.

No neoliberal capitalism. No homophobia, transphobia, racism or misogyny

Publishing news: a new poetry collection by Michael Mc Aloran, breath(en) flux, is out today . . .


breath(en) flux is a new collection of poetry by Michael Mc Aloran. It’s our first fully-bound publication.

‘While systematically assaulting language and dredging and sifting its debris Mc Aloran not only points to the essential futility and meaningless of existence, but also revitalises and reinvigorates. In a landscape of bland poseurs and safe, vanilla poetry, Mc Aloran cuts like a knife and writes in blood.’
— A.D. Hitchin (Author of Consensual; The Empath. Co-editor of CUT UP!)’

Buy a copy for £6 + p&p by clicking here

Paul and Sarer on The News Agents Resonance FM show

Paul and Sarer were guests on Jude Cowan-Montague’s News Agents show which is on arts radio station Resonance FM. They chatted about running Hesterglock Press, publishing Boscombe Revolution and Sarer’s pamphlet The Blood House. Sarer read work from The Bolld House as well as The Cleaning Cupboard by Lucy Furlong, from her soon-to-be-published pamphlet ~clew~. Paul talked about his own work; his connections with Claremont Road and Road Protest in the 90’s, read three poems from his collection Contumacy as well as work from his forthcoming Influx Press collection, Place Waste Dissent. You can listen to the whole show on the player below. Thanks again to presenter Jude and journalist Alice who interviewed Paul.