SJ Fowler – Aletta Ocean’s Alphabet Empire


Aletta Ocean’s Alphabet Empire by SJ Fowler : Hesterglock Press

Five years in the making, a new collection of over 50 new pansemic, asemic, ink poems, water poems, grid poems, abstract letters and word portraits. All in monochrome, the collection is closed with an essay, available to read soon, on The Learned Pig.

Launched December 9th 2017 at Rich Mix Gallery

Aletta Ocean’s Alphabet Empire is a book about technology and its absence, about materiality and the body, and hands, that are required for touch. A book about sex, eroticism, pornography, violence. A book that asks, abstractly, are letters shaped like bodies? Are letters like faces, captured in a screen? These are dark visual poems about the digital face, the skull, the gaze and the lines that are the faces. The poems are hand wrought in black, grey, silver and white, fashioned with indian ink, paint and pen, worked with techniques edging around writing, vying with abstraction, watercolour and constantly harrying both semantic meaning with messed letters and word composition with busy pages.