Lucy Humphreys – Kintsukuroi

front with text

“I could stand on their backs
and walk in the sky.”

As the title Kintsukuroi (‘to repair with gold’) suggests, Humphreys’ pamphlet is a collection of varied and vivid beautiful things made all the more beautiful by their brokenness. Her sharp images, strong characters, compelling contrasts and precise sounds open up the world and human relationships in intriguing ways, in poems that brim/sizzle with observation, implication and atmosphere. Reading Kintsukuroi is to be filled with the sense of: “I wish to take the colours home, | there is too much to know”. But there is also so much here to feel, beauty revealed alive and sparkling through cracks that send “nerves into shivers”.
Sarah James/ S.A. Leavesley

Often unsparingly stark, and yet, at the same time, strangely sumptuous, Lucy Humphreys’ poetry is the gold that lights up the cracks and scars of a sometimes utterly broken life and, in so doing, transforms it into something beautiful.
Tom McColl

Kintsukuroi storytells moments in life as if bits of stained glass: sensitive, fragile and transparent, ready to be held to the light, to be contemplated and illuminated for what they are. An enchanting read.
Leanne Bridgewater

Kintsukuroi is the debut pamphlet by poet Lucy Humphreys. Buy a copy for £6 + postage by clicking here