Philippa Nayer’s Thou Shalt Not Suffer collects together sharply intelligent, emotionally convulsive language, cut-up as we read. This is uncompromising poetry, driving and edgy. Not so much raw as roaring. From her daringly frank cut-ups of Foucault to her disjunctive baring of personal attachment to her dark critique of social justice, one can hear undeniably the ‘hiss of burnt wood’ in these poems. The poems’ hiss in this collection is the hiss of the contemporary young poet. Nayer is one to watch. Stephen Mooney, Veer Books

Thou Shalt Not Suffer – Phillipa Nayer  – buy £6.00

As the title Kintsukuroi (‘to repair with gold’) suggests, Humphreys’ pamphlet is a collection of varied and vivid beautiful things made all the more beautiful by their brokenness. Her sharp images, strong characters, compelling contrasts and precise sounds open up the world and human relationships in intriguing ways, in poems that brim/sizzle with observation, implication and atmosphere. 
Sarah James/ S.A. Leavesley

Kintsukuroi – Lucy Humphreys – buy £6.00

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