An interview in ‘I am Hip Hop’ magazine…

‘I am Hip Hop’ magazine interview about Issue 1 of Boscombe Revolution.

Since launching in 2012, ‘I Am Hip Hop’ magazine has become a well-known name in the world of the grass-root organisations and the conscious arts scene, bridging the gap between creativity and knowledge.
I Am Hip Hop magazine seeks to go back to the fundamental roots of Hip Hop music, exposing the powerful discourse of the genre, not only through music, but through visual arts, dance and poetry. In line with the objectives of the organisation No Bounds, the magazine is a platform for the conscious arts scene, exposing underground talent but it is also an educative read; with articles on unremarked history, social awareness and citizen rights.

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With big thanks to Lana Bell and Rishma Dhaliwal of ‘I am Hip Hop’.

TableGlock Press present FREE Boscombe Revolution Issue 1 Launch Night

TableGlock Press is proud to announce a launch night for Issue 1 of Boscombe Revolution, an anthology of twenty one poems responding to the provocations of ‘place’ and ‘revolution’. Poets from Issue 1 of Boscombe Revolution will be performing their work on the launch night – Mark Burnhope, Maureen Jivani, Lana Bell, Francis Johnson, Julia Boore and Ellie Garbary (Walsh).

Issue 1 features a stellar bunch of poets; Matt Haw, Mike Castro, Craig Dobson, Maureen Jivani, klipschutz, Ellie Walsh, Ross Taylor, Jackie Wills, Carrie Etter, Martin Malone, Graham Allison, Sarah Crewe, Tim Suermondt, Lana Bell, Sophie Mayer, Catfish McDaris, Francis K. Johnson, Julia Boore, Tim Cumming, Iordanis Papadopoulos and Mark Burnhope.

Issue 1 of Boscombe Revolution will be available to purchase at the launch, order from the website (dispatched from October 5th) via a suggested donation of £4.00 + p&p to anywhere in the world.

Many thanks to Amy Mason and Lit Up, Vita Nova, Seedbed, Mark Lloyd and John Hawkins.

Issue 1 was possible thanks to a grant from Lit Up.