Kathrine Sowerby – that bird loved


that bird loved by Kathrine Sowerby (66 pages, fully-bound 10.79 x 17.46 cm)
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No-one writes like Kathrine Sowerby, abstract, but not abstracted, painterly, fearless, musical and attentive to the worlds of possibility that lie in speech and language. She is a true original, with a compelling voice that we cannot but pay deep attention to, garnering along the way, deep pleasure and insight.”
Gerry Loose, poet

Kathrine Sowerby lives and writes in Glasgow. Her poems, stories and translations have been published widely and her chapbooks include Unnecessarily Emphatic (Red Ceilings Press), Tired Blue Mountain (Red Ceilings Press) and Margaret and Sunflower (dancing girl press). She regularly collaborates with artist/poet Tessa Berring and her collection of stories The Spit, the Sound and the Nest will be published in 2017 by Vagabond Voices.