Issue 2 Revolution & Sound


There was a launch night for Issue 2 on Friday June 27th at the theatre space of arts charity Vita Nova, 11 Roumelia Lane, Boscombe at 7pm.

Those who read were Gary Budden, Sarer Scotthorne, Martin Myers and Tim Cumming. Film poems were shown from Bruno Neiva, Leanne Bridgewater, Antony Owen and Tim Cumming.

Issue 2 is now SOLD OUT : but you can download a free pdf

Issue 2 of Boscombe Revolution (ISSN 2054-2828) has poems and flash fiction on the provocations of ‘revolution’ and ‘sound’ and we’re excited to announce that it will feature Stuart Mckenzie, Bethany W Pope, Gustavo Rodriguez Crotty, Nick Power., Tim Cumming, Michael Scott, Catfish McDaris, Sarer Scotthorne, James Manlow, Martin Myers, Leanne Bridgewater, Mohineet Kaur Bopairai, bruno neiva, Tim Wells, Gary Budden, David Webb, Gary Budgen, Brendan Cleary, Antony Owen, Susan Mckevoy, Mangal Patel, Ejder Raif, Markie Burnhope and Paul Hawkins.

Printed by Risograph at Bellevue Press, Southampton Issue 2 comes in a ltd. edition of 75 copies, A6, cover pages Corona Offset 240gsm and inner pages Corona Offset 100gsm, saddle-stitched.

Cover artwork by bruno nieva, edited by Markie Burnhope/Paul Hawkins.

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