Issue 3 Revolution & Gender

Evolutionary Cows HesterGlock Press Final Greycover artwork by Birgitte Moos

Issue 3 was reviewed by Jennifer Edgecombe for Sabotage Reviews here
Thanks to all who submitted their words to Boscombe Revolution Issue 3 Revolution & Gender from co-editors Paul Hawkins and Markie Burnhope and guest editor Sarer Scotthorne.

There was a packed launch at The Duke of York, 2 Jubilee Road, Baptist Mills, Bristol BS2 9RS on Saturday January 17th with spoken word on Revolution & Gender from guest editor Sarer Scotthorne, Myriam San Marco, Barbara Donne, Gary Budden and Agnes Davis.

We did a Boscombe launch on Wednesday Jan 21st at The Twisted Teapot, hosted by Verbal Remedies Bournemouth with Jonny Fluffypunk, Kitty Stewart, Sarer Scotthorne, Myriam San Marco, Julia Boore, Paul Hawkins,  Barbara Donne and Markie Burnhope will be reading.

We also had our first London launch at the Brick Lane Bookshop on Thursday Feb. 19th with readings from Sarer Scotthorne, Linda Mannheim, Rose Drew, Myriam Word Maker, Gary Budden, Lucy Furlong, Agnes Davis & Paul Hawkins.

Issue 3 has poems and flash fiction from Sarer Scotthorne, Markie Burnhope, Rose Drew, Linda Mannheim, Agnes Davis, Julia Boore, Myriam San Marco, Kevin Reid, Kyra Hanson, Emma Lee, Dom Schwab, Lucy Humphreys, Barbara Donne, Lucy Furlong, Gary Budden, Amitabh Vikram Dwivedi, Amy Biddle and Sasha Kasoff. Cover artwork is by Birgitte Moos. More on her White Cows installation here. For Issue 4, Boscombe Revolution becomes Bosc:Rev, and will be open for subs in March.

Price £4 + P&P worldwide. All print copies are now sold out, but you can download a free pdf of Issue 3 here.


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