Issue 1 Revolution & Place


Issue 1 of Boscombe Revolution was edited by Paul Hawkins & Simon McCormack, published by TableGlock Press on October 5th 2013 and featured poems sluiced from the provocations of ‘place’ & ‘revolution’ by local, national & international poets; Matt Haw, Mike Castro, Craig Dobson, Maureen Jivani, klipschutz, Ellie Walsh, Ross Taylor, Jackie Wills, Carrie Etter, Martin Malone, Graham Allison, Sarah Crewe, Tim Suermondt, Lana Bell, Sophie Mayer, Catfish McDaris, Francis K. Johnson, Julia Boore, Tim Cumming, Iordanis Papadopoulos and Mark Burnhope.

There were 3 limited editions printed of 50 copies each in coloured covers; Mandarin, Stone and Vermillion as A6, perfect bound pamphlets on a Risograph stencil duplicator, using soy based solvent free ink on 100% recycled paper from sustainable sources by Pictogram Studio.

The cover artwork ‘three fear registers of artificial reality’ was by Boscombe artist Mark Lloyd. Typesetting and prep by John Hawkins.

Read Issue 1 (print copies sold out) or download a free pdf of Issue 1

Here is a short film of the Launch Night and films shown on the Launch Night;

Print copies of Issue 1 were for sale  at £4.00 + p&p to anywhere in the world and from some selected outlets in Bournemouth and London. It is now completly SOLD OUT

You may still find some copies of Issue 1 on sale in Boscombe at The Community Shop in The Sovereign Centre and The Crooked Book, Christchurch Road in Boscombe, The London Review Bookshop and at Ti Pi Tin, Stoke Newington High Street, London.


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