Dan Eltringham – Cairn Almanac


Cairn Almanac by Dan Eltringham (66 pages, fully-bound A5)
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In these poems, with their echoes of Langland, Spenser and Milton, a laconic pastoral is fired with a lyric injunction: let the urban macro-wave find its bubble overlay skittishly reproducing an organic micro-sheaf.  Let there be improbable gleanings of the faux-rural, even via cursory zones where the primal threads a maze of its own repetitions: deviant frames may have forgotten how not to go on declaring the seasons.
Peter Larkin

“Questioning time from the “Knowledge Quarter”: how we measure it, how we (don’t) believe in the seasons, how we live with weather in the era of climate change. Phrases flicker meanings, seen through an ecological lens, through energy politics, seen from a bicycle, on a screen, in their patchy pasts. “Forced Fingers” employs a sparser language, entering the Georgic realm of agricultural economics in an uncanny blurring of lyricism and harsh realism, with words cut up brutally by the line-breaks.”
Harriet Tarlo

Dan Eltringham is a poet, academic and editor. His poetry and translations have appeared in journals including Colorado Review, E-Ratio, Datableed, Blackbox Manifold, The Goose, The Clearing, Intercapillary Space and Alba Londres 6: Contemporary Mexican Poetry. A chapbook, Ithaca, was published by Dow House Press in 2014. He co-edits Girasol Press and co-runs Electric Arc Furnace, a new poetry readings series in Sheffield.