Christopher Mulrooney – reservation


There are only very limited copies of reservation by Christopher Mulrooney (1956-2015) available to purchase – £6.00 (+ P&P worldwide) via Paypal click here,  or use the order form at the bottom of this page.

reservation was reviewed by Grant Tarbard over at Sabotage Reviews.

“Mulrooney isn’t afraid to delve into the tangled roots of English: you can feel him buzzing at the keyboard. His wah­wahing voice is unconstricted. He will be missed.”

Read it in full here

It’s with great sadness that Sarer and I found out that Christopher Mulrooney died suddenly in Los Angeles on July 23rd 2015. We had agreed to publish a pamphlet by Christopher,  reservation, this month, and were finalising some minor details prior to going to print. Though we had not met Christopher in person, from the email correspondance we exchanged with him in the planning and preparation to publish reservation, and further correspondance with his long-term partner, artist Heather Lowe, we neverthless were very saddened by this news. There is an illuminating tribute on CM by his longstanding partner, the artist Heather Lowe, here.

Christopher Mulrooney (1956-2015) is the author of Notebook and Sheaves (PublishAmerica), Circk (w/artist Heather Lowe), toy balloons (Another New Calligraphy), Tongues (translations of Arcos, Baudelaire, Apollinaire, Breton, Char, Cocteau, Jarry, Trakl, Stravinsky, Vildrac, Alisjahbana, Kafka, Brecht & many more), Grimaldi (FowlPox Press), Ut, alarm (Shirt Pocket Press), Rimbaud (Finishing Line Press), ordeal, supergrooviness (Lost Angelene) and Buson orders leggings (Dink Press).

Take a look at a lot more of his writing (inc. plays, criticism, translation & poetry) on his website here.

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