Antony Owen – Margaret Thatcher’s Museum

bosc3coverAntony Owen writes in a surprising, compelling way about the Britain left in Margaret Thatcher’s wake. The visceral heartbreak behind his words has the energy of a Springsteen. The collection is a patchwork of cultural detail – so much so, in fact, I get the impression of a mind crammed to bursting: there is pressure here. And appropriately. But, just when you think you know what you’re getting, a phrase warps off in an unexpected heartfelt direction. These are moments, for me, that catch the light like shattered fragments. ‘In the half-light I notice you completely’, he says. Crucially, it’s his chronicling of the beauty and love amongst the debris that lifts the work, and lets it sing. Charlotte Gann; writer and poet

There are only a handful of copies of Margaret Thatchers Museum (Hesterglock Press) left. To order a copy please contact the author, Antony Owen by clicking here.

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