Hesterglock Press is run by Sarer Scotthorne & Bob Modem // paul hawkins. We started up as Tableglock Press (co-run by Paul Hawkins & Simon McCormack) in 2013, publishing themed, pocket-sized poetry anthologies under the name of Boscombe Revolution. Sarer and paul continued from 2014 as Hesterglock Press, also publishing hand-made pamphlets of flash fiction and poetry. In 2016 we began to use a print-on-demand printer which enabled us to start publishing books, (without any start-up capital or other middle-class finance model(s)), publishing mainly experimental/innovative poetry. We’re in a process of change / flux.

We don’t have a lot of money, we’re from working-class backgrounds and don’t have certain advantages afforded to those of the middle/upper class. We try to keep our prices as low as possible, and make very little money from publishing our own work, let alone the work of others. See writer, editor of recent anthology Liberating The Canon (Dostoyevsky Wannabe  2018), and cultural theorist Isabel Waidner’s excellent interview over at Minor Literature[s] . . .

“At the moment, nonprofit writing and publishing are necessary for the sake of the project to change literature. To quote the queer and trans scholar Louise Chambers: we never used to get paid for our activism either (private convo, different context). Given the state of the industry, it’s publish and widely distribute innovative and political work by all means necessary, via CreateSpace and WordPress if needs be. Make it affordable to the reader. Manchester-based independent press and publisher of Liberating the Canon, Dostoyevsky Wannabe have developed a publishing strategy that facilitates global distribution and affordable pricing without any financial capital or middle-class money back-up. CreateSpace, WordPress and so on, if subverted, are enabling publishers from working-class backgrounds (and, in turn, working-class writers and literatures).”

Like Waidner, we make positive links between nonprofit, rather than value, with literary worth and are in the process of shifting what we publish, and how we publish, to reflect these ideas / practices. We are keen to continue developing links with publishers Dostoyevsky Wannabe & Swimmers Club to cross-polinate and support those with similar values.

Hesterglock Press co-curate (along with Sad Press & Moot Press) #Anathema, a monthly series of experimental poetry/writing events in Bristol.

contact us via email: hesterglock at gmail dot com

When we’re open for submissions, we’re always keen to receive proposals from any of the following:

* work from a women’s / feminist perspective
* work from women / men of Colour
* work from poets / artists / writers of all genders, sexual orientations and dis/abilities that is anti-systems of oppression / intersectional, across form(s) and across discipline(s).

NOTE: We are currently closed for submissions. We do not accept unsolicited submissions.

Hesterglock Press has been supported by Lit Up! and Seedbed

No neoliberal capitalism, or any sort of capitalism. Well, ok, we live and swim against the current of the C’ism word, so let’s just say we prefer revolutionaries. No homophobia, transphobia, racism, sexism, violence, abuse or misogyny.


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