#poemBRUT 1

Poem Brut at Rich Mix : November 25th 2017


cristian patracchini


harry mann


stephen emmerson’s long line


Kate Wakeling

An extraordinary beginning to the live happening of Poem Brut – a literary event celebrating of the visual, visceral, messy, handwritten and colourful in poetry with new unique commissions from writers exploring alternate ways of making literature. Each presentation was different from the last, cohesive, heartening, exciting, challenging, and funny, with readings, performances and talks alongside pop up exhibits, interactions and video poems from some of the UK’s most interesting writers. Read more and view the performances. Text from the Poem Brut website.

Links to performances

Harry Man / on dyslexia & the brain
Imogen Reid / works in progress, visual feedback forms
Stephen Emmerson / dirt boot poetry & paper hale
Hiromi Suzuki / new gif poems
Paul Hawkins / a pop up exhibition on belonging
Kate Wakeling / Nak Deddo, a collaboration with child
Christian Patracchini / tactility tongue touching wall
Patrick Cosgrove / Clementine munch poem & ghetto blaster
Christopher Stephenson / Noise box passaround poem


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