New for 2018 – Cocktail Kafkaïne by Mustapha Benfodil & Joe Ford (trans.)

We’re honoured and excited to be publishing Cocktail Kafkaïne, a collection of, as yet, unpublished work by avant-garde Algerian poet/artist/novelist/playwright Mustapha Benfodil, translated by Joe Ford. We will confirm the date in 2018 over the coming weeks. Mustapha Benfodil was born in 1968 in Relizane, in western Algeria. He is a novelist and playwright, and works as a reporter at the Algerian daily newspaper El Watan. His books include Zarta (Editions Barzakh, 2000), Les Bavardages du Seul (Barzakh, 2003; prize for the best novel at the first Algerian Festival of the Novel, 2004), and Archéologie du chaos [amoureux] (Barzakh, 2007; published in France by Al Dante, 2012). He is also the author of five plays, including Clandestinopolis (2005; staged at the Avant-scène théâtre, Paris, 2008); De mon hublot utérin je te salue humanité et te dis blablabla (2009); Les Borgnes (2011); and End/Igné, his most recent piece. He published his reporting on the war in Iraq in Les Six derniers jours de Baghdad. Journal d’un voyage de guerre (Editions Casbah, 2003).


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