Boscombe Revolution collectors items now free pdf’s

We started up publishing Boscombe Revolution; A6, themed, mini-anthologies. They were lovingly made, often in ltd. edition, riso-printed, with specially commissioned cover artwork and the print copies have all sold out.

They featured some stunning poetry and  we’ve recently got all dewey-eyed and decided to make Issue 1, 2 & 3 available as free pdf’s.

Boscombe Revolution Issue 1 free pdf – Revolution & Place feat. Matt Haw, Mike Castro, Craig Dobson, Maureen Jivani, klipschutz, Ellie Walsh, Ross Taylor, Jackie Wills, Carrie Etter, Martin Malone, Graham Allison, Sarah Crewe, Tim Suermondt, Lana Bell, Sophie Mayer, Catfish McDaris, Francis K. Johnson, Julia Boore, Tim Cumming, Iordanis Papadopoulos & Markie Burnhope. Edited by paul Hawkins & Simon McCormack. Typeset by John Hawkins. Front cover artwork by Mark Lloyd. Published by Tableglock Press Oct. 2013.

Boscombe Revolution Issue 2 free pdf – Revolution & Sound feat. Stuart Mckenzie, Bethany W. Pope, Gus Crotty, Nick Power, Tim Cumming, Michael Scott, Catfish McDaris, Sarer Scotthorne, James Manlow, Martin Myers, Leanne Bridgewater, Mishi Bopairai, bruno neiva, Tim Wells, Gary Budgen, David Webb, Gary Budden, Brendan Cleary, Antony Owen, Susan Mckevoy, Mangal Patel, Ejder Raif, Markie Burnhope & paul hawkins. Edited by paul hawkins & Markie Burnhope. Typeset by John Hawkins. Front cover artwork by bruno neiva. Published by Hesterglock Press April 2014.

Boscombe Revolution Issue 3 free pdf – Revolution & Gender feat. Sarer Scotthorne, Markie Burnhope, Rose Drew, Linda Mannheim, Agnes Davis, Julia Boore, Myriam San Marco, Kevin Reid, Kyra Hanson, Emma Lee, Dom Schwab, Lucy Humphreys, Barbara Donne, Lucy Furlong, Gary Budden, Amitabh Vikram Dwivedi, Amy Biddle and Sasha Kasoff. Edited by paul hawkins, Markie Burnhope & Sarer Scotthorne. Typeset by John Hawkins. Cover artwork is by Birgitte Moos.


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