Margaret Thatcher’s Museum launch


IMG_6536photo by Paul Hawkins

The launch of Antony Owen’s Margaret Thatcher’s Museum was held at Coventry’s Inspire Cafe Bar, 11889651_10206411089049876_6030941794628487234_n run by Mick and Martin Leap; a beautifully intimate and atmospheric venue situated at the base of the spire of Christchurch church, which was destroyed during World War II. There was a great crowd to hear Paul and Sarer read. (Neil Sparkes having been summoned to produce a new album by Rizwan-Muazzam Qawwali in Los Angeles, literally days before the launch)


11209416_10206402636558569_587686932726572885_n11890622_10206407276394562_784054792534215451_o 11887841_10153213280539092_3945533605401077438_nphotos by Rang-Zeb Rango Hussain.

Then Antony read from Margaret Thatcher’s Museum with great passion and focus, taking the time to put just enough context to the poems, allowing them to ring. It was a brilliant evening, with a wonderfully engaging audience. We hope to do more gigs at the Inspire Bar Cafe in the near future.


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