The Blood House remixed by Sheer Zed

Electronica sound artist Sheer Zed has been working with Sarer, Lucy and Paul ahead of their pamphlet/book launch on April 18th. Zed had this to say about a Whifferdill remix of The Blood House he’s put together as a taster for the gig… This experimental composition has been created from the readings of Sarer Scotthorne from her poems in The Blood House. The Blood House is a collection of poems by Sarer Scotthorne published on Hesterglock Press. I’ve been working with Paul Hawkins, Sarer Scotthorne and Lucy Furlong on a series of ambient soundscapes for their poetry which will premiere at the Hesterglock Press launch night on 18th April 2015 at The Duke of York, Bristol, UK as a part of The Bristol Spring Poetry Festival.

Sheer Zed played in The Martians (a London based underground space rock squat band infamously invading numerous urban spaces and venues with their insane and surreal situationist happenings and raves) From performing in London parties with the likes of Rachel Ayers (Soft Machine’s Kevin Ayers daughter) to numerous appearances on TV, film, radio, stage and cable, Sheer Zed has performed in many creative art based engagements. Sheer Zed has also been involved in stand up comedy as a solo and double act (Paul & the Grown Up). Sheer Zed is also a film maker and has shown his experimental films at The Reel Love Club and The Exploding Cinema. Sheer Zed then became the infamous “Arthur Arthurson” for a couple of years at the world famous London Dungeon, hiding in the exhibits and playing the judge terrifying and sentencing people to death from across the planet. Sheer Zed even moved Jonathan Ross TV mogul to call him a “f**king nuisance”. Moving to California in 1999, Sheer Zed released his debut album “Music for Your Head” on his very own outsider electronica label (SZR) Music.


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