Editorial change for Boscombe Revolution #4

Markie Burnhope will be stepping down as co-editor of our poetry/flash fiction pamphlet Boscombe Revolution after co-editing the past two issues. We’lll miss his sharp analysis, wit and judgement.
He passed this on to us this week.

Dear Boscome Revolution readers,

I’ve enjoyed co-editing Issue 3 of Boscombe Revolution with Paul, who has shared with me a passion to put the characterful town of Boscombe “on the map.” It was fantastic having Sarer Scotthorne on board as guest editor for Issue 3, who helped us create the most diverse issue yet in terms of representing other genders than “the norm.” Alas, they say the only constant in life is change, and I’ve gone through many of my own during my time at BR, both professional and personal. I’ve decided to pare back everything I do poetically and editorially to the bare minimum, while I concentrate on my aims going forward. This will mean handing over my co-editorial seat to Sarer Scotthorne, who has agreed to take over for Issue 4 as co-editor alongside Paul. Having worked with Sarer as guest editor on Issue 3, I’m confident that she will take forward what I’ve helped establish, a commitment to further diversification, particularly in terms of female writers and feminist writing.

Thanks for reading us

Markie Burnhope

We wish Markie well and look forward to his future projects.

Issue 4 of Boscombe Revolution will become Bosc:Rev, and will be open for submissions in March.


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