Boscombe Revolution and a Bristol drift

Gary Budden is co-founder of independent publisher Influx Press and assistant fiction editor at Ambit magazine. He writes about sub-culture, landscape, psychogeography, hidden history, nature and more; Gary’s work appears in Unofficial Britain, The Learned Pig, PUSH, The Quietus, Boscombe Revolution, Galley Beggar Press and many more.

He wrote a piece on his trip to Bristol to read at the launch for Issue 3 of Boscombe Revolution and his travels in Bristol.

This weekend I had the pleasure of visiting Bristol for the weekend, to perform a piece responding on the theme of ‘revolution and gender’ that had been published in the latest issue of Boscombe Reolution.

Bristol is one of my favourite cities in the UK and I find myself entertaining daydreams of upping sticks and moving there; one day, perhaps. Me and my partner Nina explored all over the city on foot, the best and only way, in my opinion, to get to know the territory you’re in. We ambled through the city centre and its chain stores, over The Bearpit sunken below the lanes of heaving traffic, past the Holiday Inn and up to Stokes Croft for lunch; then up into the greener, hilly parts, through Cotham and towards the university, getting lost down winding streets a number of times before finding our B&B

Read it in full here


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