Launch gigs for Issue 3 of Boscombe Revolution

Our launch in Bristol was a really brilliant night. A room upstairs in The Duke Of York was packed out (over 50 people) to hear Gary Budden, Agnes Davis, Lucy Furlong, Myriam San Marco, Sarer Scotthorne and Rose Drew perform their work. They were all stunning, and thoroughly complimented each other in style, content, delivery and charm. We sold copies of Issue 3 and copies of Sarer Scotthorne’s debut pamphlet, The Blood House. The Duke of York is a wonderful pub, with a great vibe, and a very supportive team of staff. Thankyou to all who came along.


l-r Lucy Furlong, Sarer Scotthorne, Rose Drew, Myriam San Marco, Gary Budden and me at the launch


Agnes Davis performing at the launch

10945018_1557774017793897_4799179622161246611_o 10952301_1557774154460550_6696115881318144805_o

Gary Budden reading

A few pics from the Issue 3 launch at The Twisted Teapot Cafe in Boscombe last night.






Sarer, Julia, Barbara and Myriam read their work on Revolution & Gender really well. I read a few poems too. The work was well received and we sold a good amount of the new issue. The content and nature of the work they performed and, as a whole throughout issue 3 is not common-place amongst the spoken word/performance poetry scene, or widely published. That’s why we do what we do. We had some positive feedback from the audience, and those working at the venue. It was really good to catch up with Julia,  Barbara and co-editor Markie Burnhope.

In February we take Issue 3 poets and writers to read at London’s Brick Lane Bookshop. Exciting times . . .


Hope to see you there…

Big thanks to all who came down to the Brick Lane Bookshop for the London launch of Issue 3 of Bosc Rev 3 last night. We really appreciated it. And to Myriam Word Maker, Linda Mannheim, Gary Budden, Agnes Davis, Lucy Furlong & Rose Drew for reading. But thanks of all to Daniel and Andrew for being such genial and supportive hosts at the bookshop. Let’s do this again for Issue 4. Paul & Sarer.

IMG_5255 IMG_5278 IMG_5286


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